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DarkSignal's News

Posted by DarkSignal - 1 month ago

As you probably noticed, I've decided that I won't be posting an insubstantial teaser for my Cinemadness:Subjugation this year. Earlier this month I already started working on the next part, so I figured that's energy better spent. A real trailer shall come out once Part 3 is done, which should be around next summer, Until then, I'll just keep turning the wrench.




Posted by DarkSignal - September 9th, 2019

Evening lads. The first act of an upcoming solo, officially titled "Cinemadness Subjugation" is now complete. It was finished at the end of August, so more time was spent on it than I wanted to. A small fraction of it is attributed to tedious foundation work that had to be laid for this new style. Fortunately, that will carry over into the next act, so that will shave off some of the production time. My current projection for Act II's deadline is towards the end of the year.

While that is being worked on, there's still some time to spare before Madness Day, and I've been getting suggestions to release a trailer (or the entirety of act one, what?) from at least one other person. While I planned to do a trailer further down the road, what I have now is insubstantial, so it'd be a short teaser at most. As for the idea of releasing what I have now and releasing the rest of it later, that's a terrible idea because I don't want to release things incomplete; it'd be Deliverance all over again.

So because I'm not decided on this, I'll put it to a vote: Should I release a teaser, or just keep working on the movie? maybe the following teaser images will help you decide.







Posted by DarkSignal - April 14th, 2019

I am hereby resigning from Green Pepper Studios, and will be returning to animating on an independent basis as of 04/17/2019. I would like to thank the GP team for their collaboration in the past, and bid them good will on all their future endeavors. This was a hard choice to make, so I entrust the members of Green Pepper Studios to respect both my decision, and the works that I have shared with them in the past. Their feedback has been a major factor in my improvement as an animator, and I hope that mine was for theirs as well. I apologize to the members of GP that I chose not to stay, and my decision is final. I wish GP luck in the future.

The movie will continue as planned.


Posted by DarkSignal - January 1st, 2019

For 2019, I have resolved to do many things, one of them was "Make something damn cool as a tribute to Project Nexus". With Cinemadness ready to go, I have chosen one of two scenarios to finally be brought into motion this year. Of course I also resolved to "open up a little more to people", so I'll be doing things a little differently this time.

This upcoming feature presentation is divided into four acts, and with the completion of each act I'll make another post about it with some glimpses into the future. Perhaps that way I'll have a reason to soldier through it considering this will be the longest feature I've made thus far.

Don't wish me luck gents, because that would imply I'd need it.



Posted by DarkSignal - September 21st, 2018

With the last 6 months being spent on tailoring a new style of Madness, today marks the day of its trial run. Cinemadness returns in the form of a prologue within a prologue, and holds promise for great things in the future. So with that, Happy Madness Day gents. 3891165_153755254922_Conclusion.png


Posted by DarkSignal - July 29th, 2017

Oi gents, it has been too long. But you're probably wondering to yourself "Why now, for our sudden reunion?"

Well now that I am officially graduated, I've had some time to do restructuring. Here are a few important highlights:

  1. I will be uploading future submissions to Youtube and maybe Newgrounds too, depends on whether or not the music choice is acceptable. You'll most likely see them on the GP channel if not my own.
  2. I'm no longer restricting my submissions to Madness Day. Madness Day is a Newgrounds thing, not the other way around.
  3. I've got three things coming down the pipe: One is classic madness, another is classic me, the other is unlike anything I've ever made before. I intend to have at least two of them done within 2017.
  4. Recently I posted artwork about a new Faction that will be appearing in Project Nexus 2. If you want to learn more about the mysterious faction of N51, you can check them out here.

That's the itinerary gents. Interesting times ahead!


Posted by DarkSignal - November 16th, 2016

Due to the use of House of Pain's "Jump Around", and with Newgrounds being scrutinized for mass unlicensed music usage, Lawn Mower Madness was removed from the website today as part of a mass genocide to cleanse the unpure and appease the copyright overlords. Furthermore, I will not be allowed to re-upload Lawn Mower Madness to newgrounds unless the music choice is something I have the rights to.

Unfortunately, House of Pain's "Jump Around" was the reason said animation was even made to start with; in fact, most of the ideas that we come up with are because of hearing a song that we can paint a story to, and changing the music just isn't right. As a result, I will not be reuploading Lawn Mower Madness to Newgrounds until some magic happens.

Posted by DarkSignal - August 31st, 2016

In the 100 days I allotted myself, the big project I've been planning for release on MD2016 should be 80% complete by this point. Since too much has been happening during that time, the actual measure in the end is roughly half that amount. The first half of it is complete and polished, however the second half will require more time than is possible.

This project is too important for me to separate into two parts, and as such it would unmistakeably ruin that first impression, giving me no desire to finish it like the last one. Therefore, I made the painful decision not to release what I have in store for MD2016.

If anyone here is thinking anything along the lines of "Figures you'd let us down Dark, ametaurs like you are the reason the madness community is dead", All I can say is, I tried. With only one year away from graduation at a high demand institute, there's just too much to do. Only solace I can provide is that GP Studios will be picking up the slack with the likes of Kelzad's 7 minutes of Project Realm, so hopefully MD2016 isn't lackluster.

As for me, The only absolute guarantee I can make is that what I wanted to release this Madness day will be released either next Madness Day, or at any time before that. This is not negotiable; it will happen.

Sorry if you're disappointed in me gents, I know I am.

Posted by DarkSignal - May 24th, 2016



Posted by DarkSignal - September 5th, 2015

So since the start of this year I've been working on a game that's made solid progress in my spare time. It's not Madness Related, and you probably won't be able to play it here on Newgrounds for reasons that benefit said game (maybe unless I find some talented Composers I can recruit for it). The only details I feel like disclosing at this time is that it runs on the Nape Physics Engine, Is intended to have Multiplayer Support, and may see the light by either this December or coming January; take that last one for the grain of salt that it's worth.

As a result, I won't have any direct involvement in this year's Madness Day. Currently one of Kelzad's mates wants to assign me as a background artist for his submission, but that's entirely on him whether or not that happens. It's probably too late to join in on a Collab by this point too, but if you need another contribution, I'll be here.