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This is exactly what you get when you cross breed typical TF2 machinima with typical madness animation.

General-D responds:

Well yeah that's what we did

C'mon now. After watching Chow.fla, that was no secret. Just eat the damn hot dog!

The madness has been turned up to 11, and Newgrounds went deaf for a moment there.

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A great improvement on the original madness game. The only complaint I have though is not being able to choose your control scheme. I'm too used to the old control scheme of madness interactive, I lost count how many times I wanted to change weapons and instead threw my gun away, or wanting to use bullet time and instead whipping out a sword. I'm hoping changeable control schemes will be later introduced as the game is updated. Other than that though, this game is awesome.

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One of the most mysteriously absorbing madness tracks I've heard; that style of percussion really puts this on a loop for my ears!

It's a crying shame that this is the only track you put here, I'd really love to hear more like this.

Normally I detest the base distortion sound effect that madness music is known for (and the album was diluted with it this year), but this song is an exception for using it in such a catchy rhythm and unique tone. One of my top two favorites from the album, brilliant job!

Lothyde responds:

TOP TWO? Damn, thanks!

(Fun fact, I also don't like basic distorted much. It's irony :D)

This music is too good to let go to waste soldier, are you going to let that happen?

Cethic responds:

Dreams don't die!

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Art like this is why I treasure the simple designs of madness; they really accentuate their signature outfits and physical abnormalities that wouldn't look half as cool on something more complex. Special mention goes to the Auditor because I will always award coolness points to sharp eyed silhouettes,

I can appreciate how you named this piece after their debut music track.

Zach on top of Spot's shoulders is the wholesomest thing ever.

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