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The madness has been turned up to 11, and Newgrounds went deaf for a moment there.

Unity through purpose is strength!

So this echoes both when Deimos got shot, and when Hank impaled him to be used as a decoy. That's about as much sense as I can make for this one.

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A great improvement on the original madness game. The only complaint I have though is not being able to choose your control scheme. I'm too used to the old control scheme of madness interactive, I lost count how many times I wanted to change weapons and instead threw my gun away, or wanting to use bullet time and instead whipping out a sword. I'm hoping changeable control schemes will be later introduced as the game is updated. Other than that though, this game is awesome.

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This music is too good to let go to waste soldier, are you going to let that happen?

Cethic responds:

Dreams don't die!

Quite possibly the first beautiful track I've heard from Newgrounds. Tall statement I know, but I don't get out much.

AceMantra responds:

Thanks for the kind words. There's a lot of great stuff here on Newgrounds though, you just have to dig a little bit to find them. ;)

The first 20 seconds of this song were the best because of that gritty melody. I feel like the synths should have been as low pitched throughout the song as they were for the intro because it kind of lost me until the half way point where it picked back up again. Whatever that was in those first 20 seconds, I want to hear more of it.

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This is expertly done, and the style is very befitting. I like how you included full-body designs with arms and legs, which makes me sad you didn't give that same treatment to the ATPs in the background; that sticks out to me like a bruise I'm afraid.

Rhunyc responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback on that, I wasn't sure how it'd go over.. Mr. K gave me the suggestion and I thought having full bodies like that in the bg might be distracting so I went with the normal madness figures, I appreciate the review!

Dialogue through facial expressions:

Sanford: duuuuh...
Hank: Derr??
Deimos: DAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAA!!!!

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