Entry #19

Plans for the Future.

2017-07-29 17:49:35 by DarkSignal

Oi gents, it has been too long. But you're probably wondering to yourself "Why now, for our sudden reunion?"

Well now that I am officially graduated, I've had some time to do restructuring. Here are a few important highlights:

  1. I will be uploading future submissions to Youtube and maybe Newgrounds too, depends on whether or not the music choice is acceptable. You'll most likely see them on the GP channel if not my own.
  2. I'm no longer restricting my submissions to Madness Day. Madness Day is a Newgrounds thing, not the other way around.
  3. I've got three things coming down the pipe: One is classic madness, another is classic me, the other is unlike anything I've ever made before. I intend to have at least two of them done within 2017.
  4. Recently I posted artwork about a new Faction that will be appearing in Project Nexus 2. If you want to learn more about the mysterious faction of N51, you can check them out here.

That's the itinerary gents. Interesting times ahead!


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