Lawn Mower Madness Removed

2016-11-16 16:15:19 by DarkSignal

Due to the use of House of Pain's "Jump Around", and with Newgrounds being scrutinized for mass unlicensed music usage, Lawn Mower Madness was removed from the website today as part of a mass genocide to cleanse the unpure and appease the copyright overlords. Furthermore, I will not be allowed to re-upload Lawn Mower Madness to newgrounds unless the music choice is something I have the rights to.

Unfortunately, House of Pain's "Jump Around" was the reason said animation was even made to start with; in fact, most of the ideas that we come up with are because of hearing a song that we can paint a story to, and changing the music just isn't right. As a result, I will not be reuploading Lawn Mower Madness to Newgrounds until some magic happens.


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2016-11-16 16:25:21

Fuck :(


2016-11-16 16:35:44

well this sucks


2016-11-16 16:58:07

Damn, dat sucks.


2016-11-16 16:58:12

;( Im so sorry to hear that dude
I hope something magic happens...


2016-11-17 07:27:05

Could you post it on YouTube?


2016-11-18 03:53:05



2017-03-25 08:26:07

It's on YT now for those wondering :)


2017-03-25 19:41:09

Im sad and i like that Lawn Mower Madness the ending was funny


2017-07-15 18:35:41

happy 300

scuffed jays


2017-08-03 05:14:14

I know what you mean about painting a story to a song. I actually planned a bunch of Flash movies with that in mind, only to have that axed by this new policy, forcing me to return to the drawing board. It's a good thing I already have it saved.