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The Verdict.

Posted by DarkSignal - August 31st, 2016

In the 100 days I allotted myself, the big project I've been planning for release on MD2016 should be 80% complete by this point. Since too much has been happening during that time, the actual measure in the end is roughly half that amount. The first half of it is complete and polished, however the second half will require more time than is possible.

This project is too important for me to separate into two parts, and as such it would unmistakeably ruin that first impression, giving me no desire to finish it like the last one. Therefore, I made the painful decision not to release what I have in store for MD2016.

If anyone here is thinking anything along the lines of "Figures you'd let us down Dark, ametaurs like you are the reason the madness community is dead", All I can say is, I tried. With only one year away from graduation at a high demand institute, there's just too much to do. Only solace I can provide is that GP Studios will be picking up the slack with the likes of Kelzad's 7 minutes of Project Realm, so hopefully MD2016 isn't lackluster.

As for me, The only absolute guarantee I can make is that what I wanted to release this Madness day will be released either next Madness Day, or at any time before that. This is not negotiable; it will happen.

Sorry if you're disappointed in me gents, I know I am.

Comments (2)

Can you not. I have been there so I know exactly where you stand with this, just set your priorities straight. On behalf of everyone: Focus on graduating. It's frustrating, but we can't control these things. If someone told me this back when I needed it, I wouldn't have gone through hell and back.

Just take your time and release it next year.

Why on Madness day? To be honest, unless you really want a prize in MD contest, it's useless.

I did also say "or at any time before that", but September 22nd seems to be the only day that Newgrounds gives two shits about Madness at this point. Ever since the prize money dwindled to nothing and with Krinkels being busy with Project Nexus 2, the community's either dormant or drifting. While that won't deter me from releasing what's planned, there's lingering concern that there won't be anyone left to appreciate it.