Something Else Entirely

2015-09-05 04:58:27 by DarkSignal

So since the start of this year I've been working on a game that's made solid progress in my spare time. It's not Madness Related, and you probably won't be able to play it here on Newgrounds for reasons that benefit said game (maybe unless I find some talented Composers I can recruit for it). The only details I feel like disclosing at this time is that it runs on the Nape Physics Engine, Is intended to have Multiplayer Support, and may see the light by either this December or coming January; take that last one for the grain of salt that it's worth.

As a result, I won't have any direct involvement in this year's Madness Day. Currently one of Kelzad's mates wants to assign me as a background artist for his submission, but that's entirely on him whether or not that happens. It's probably too late to join in on a Collab by this point too, but if you need another contribution, I'll be here.


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2016-05-14 14:49:03

sounds neat. I like games depending on what type of game you're making ill play/buy it. Also I think your background design was neat in the high-speed madness it was not of the highest quality but if it's one place I think you could make something relatively epic. Keep up to good work man and i'll see ya in MPN2's Nevada when they get that multiplayer support done. Might be awhile but it's worth the wait! :D