Back in Action (almost)

2013-05-24 14:08:03 by DarkSignal

Evening Gents,

If anyone still out there is wondering why this account has been inactive for a while, it's because I've been playing a part in developing Noppe's Custom NPCs mod for the minecraft game, for any of you who don't know what the mod is, you may check it out Here.

Since Madness day is on the way again, I'll be working on another madness animation over the summer. This one's going to be alot more related to the madness series, and will have that fast paced violence that every madness fan loves. After that, If I have time before the day comes, I'll probably put up some more intermission material.

There's an even bigger madness project that I'm trying to put together as well, and hopefully I can actually start that up soon, assuming I don't get bogged down with other things.

That is all


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2013-06-08 19:33:30

i saw your cinemadness. i know im late, but its just because i did not touch newgrounds so much time ago, but now im back.
sincerely, awesome.
very well made. keep it up


2013-07-02 16:47:06

I simply can't wait too ese your future masterpiece.